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Are you prepared to prevent and correct corrupted files, lost data, losing a server, cloud outages or worse? Can you afford the aftermath of any size disaster -- big or small?

Whether by human error, hardware failure, electrical disruptions, or natural disaster, system failures simply WILL happen. The most effective way to lessen the impact and recover from them quickly is careful preparation - done today - so your recovery plan is in place when you'll need it!

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Here are a few simple security tips to keep you safer online:

Memorize your passwords, do not save them on your computer;

Never give any personal information by telephone or on the Internet if you do not know the company or website;

Close all active Internet browser sessions when done;

Delete data from your computer when you have completed an online transaction. Pay special attention to temporary files, temp files, cookies, etc.;

If you have any doubts about the validity of messages received from any banks, online stores, payment platforms, etc., contact the customer services department of the company from which the message has supposedly been sent;

If you detect any suspiciaous transactions in your bank account, quickly inform your bank or the issuer of your credit or debit card;

Keep your PC protected and your antivirus software updated.